Cannot import or export a repertorisation in WinChip

WinChip asks me to select a patient, which I have already done

You are unable to import or export a repertorisation in WinChip and the program asks you to select a patient, which you have already done.


First of all open the Windows explorer and check that these two sub-folders of Radar exist:

  • winchip.in
  • winchip.out

If they do not exist, then create them as follows:

  • Close WinChip
  • Open the Windows explorer
  • Click on the Radar folder so it is highlighted in blue
  • In the menu, click on File, New, Folder
  • A new folder is created, which you rename winchip.in
  • Create another new folder and name it winchip.out


Next, open the WinChip program

In the menu choose Options, Environment, click on the directories tab

Verify that the path to the radar.exe is correct for your installation of RADAR. The default path is C:\RADAR\Bin\radar.exe

Click on the browse button if necessary to change the path




Entry from: 18.08.2008
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