The menu of my JS Case Taker is in German

Why is the menu in German when my program is in English?


When I open the Jeremy Sherr Wizard and click on Case Taker, the menu is in German, even though the rest of my program is in English.


On the starting screen of the Dynamic Case Taker, in the language box change the language to English.

The word English will appear on a white background.

Click once on the word English and the word will appear on a blue background.

Then click on Login and the menus will be in English.

If there is no language box:

  1. Close the Case Taker
  2. Open the Windows explorer
  3. Navigate to C:\Sherr.CaseTaker
  4. Open the jsccoptions.config file in Notepad
  5. The current language line is at the bottom: make sure that current language is English, as follows:
  6. <CurrentLanguage>English</CurrentLanguage>
  7. Close the jsccoptions.config file, saving the changes if necessary

If the language change does not stick, download  this new file which you should save in the folder C:\Sherr.CaseTaker, replacing the old one.


Entry from: 26.06.2007
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