Registering and linking the databases

RadarOpus will not start

Check that VirtualBox is present:

Windows, click on Start -> All programs

Mac, click on Applications

If you cannot see VirtualBox, reinstall it:

Insert the RadarOpus DVD: click on Others -> Programs and double click the last VirtualBox file.  Follow install instructions

Check the paths of RadarOpus and the VirtualBox. 

By default they will be C:\RadarOpus and C:\Program Files\VirtualBox

Type the following Dos or shell command to register the virtual machine:

Windows: "C:\Program Files\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" registervm C:\RadarOpus\Data\Database\UbuntuSrv.xml

Mac: /usr/bin/VBoxManage registervm /Applications/RadarOpus/Data/Database/UbuntuSrv.xml

In VirtualBox, click on File, Virtual Media Manager. In the new window, click on Add

Select the UbuntuSrv.vdi file. Click on Open

Go back to the main window of VirtualBox, click on UbuntuSrv on the left and on the right click on Storage.

In the new window, select Controller SATA

Click on the icon with a plus sign on a disk

Click on OK

Entry from: 31.03.2011
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