Could not find open hard disk with UUID

When registering UbuntuSrv.xml

The UbuntuSrv.xml you are trying to register has already been linked.

Go to \RadarOpus\Data\Database and delete the file.

Insert the RadarOpus installation DVD, go to to \Others\Platforms and copy the UbuntuSrv.xml
Paste it in \RadarOpus\Data\Database

Re-register the database:

"C:\Program Files\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" registervm C:\RadarOpus\Data\Database\UbuntuSrv.xml

If it is necessary to remove the hard disk:

First remove Ubuntu.Srv (select and choose Discard)

In the VBox main menu -> File

Media Manager

Choose the hard disk to remove and click on the remove icon above

Keep the hard disk, do not delete, when asked




Entry from: 05.03.2012
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