Installing RadarOpus 1.43 from USB key

On Mac and Windows

To install RadarOpus, first plug in the RadarOpus USB key.

To start the installation: in the Windows (File) explorer double click on the windows installer file or double click the RadarOpus icon on the Mac desktop and click on the osx-signed dmg file.

Once RadarOpus is installed and the computer restarted, plug in the small Wibu key and register and activate your program.

On your computer, go to the RadarOpus folder on (C:) or the RadarOpus folder in Applications.

In this folder, double click the Activator file
Click on Next and fill in all the fields
Your license number and personal activation key are supplied with the program.
Click on Next.

Initially you may see the thumbs down sign and a message saying you are not connected to Internet. Ignore this message and wait a minute or two while the registration/activation process is completed.

Now you can start RadarOpus.


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Entry from: 13.12.2016
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