Error H-0 trying to open '..\cases\repert'"

Error H-0 trying to open '..\cases\repert'"

error while adding Case1 record:2"

error while writing Case2 Record status: 147"

cannot open cases header file...


The cases catalogue is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Occuring when

Occurs when trying to recall or save a case in the Clipboard window


Create another catalogue of cases in Radar:

In the Radar menu click on File, Create another catalogue of cases and choose a new catalogue name.

Repair the old catalogues using the "Advanced Repair" in the Repertory Utilities program:

  1. Open the "Repertory Utilities" program (Start, Programs, Radar, Repertory Utilities),
  2. select the Synthesis repertory and click on OK
  3. select "Cases" from the "Repair" menu
  4. When the message "Table (C:\RADAR\CASES\REPERT) successfully rebuilt" appears, click OK and quit the program
  5. Restart Radar

If you cannot repair the cases, send a valid backup of the four case files *.da1, *.da2, *.id1 and *.id2 to Archibel support.


  • Radar

Operating system

  • Any windows OS

Entry from: 16.11.2006
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