Symptoms are in German in the English-German Boenninghausen Taschenbuch

Why are the symptoms in my Boenninghausen Taschenbuch in German instead of English?

Occurs when

Taking symptoms from the Boenninghausen repertory and putting them into the clipboard.


Click once on the globe at the top of the screen in the Icon bar or press the F12 key to change the repertory order to English.


  • close Radar
  • start Windows Exlorer
  • open the folder RADAR and then BIN
  • double click the RADAR.INI file
  • search for the line "NationalLanguage=1" and change it to "NationalLanguage=0" (zero)
  • save the changes
  • restart Radar


  • Radar

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

If the above do not work, check out the Wizard section of the radar.ini: it should only contain one line. Rename the radar.ini -> radarold.ini and start Radar again.


Entry from: 17.11.2006
This entry is located in category: Boenninghausen, Clipboard

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