Radar 9 stops responding

Radar 9 stops responding


Occurs when an HP 'LaserJet 3100 All-in-One' printer is installed on the system. The HP monitoring software 'JetSuite' conflicts with Radar 9. 

Occuring when

Radar 9 stops responding for several seconds when opening the Investigation window or clicking a clipboard icon


Check with the printer vendor for an upgrade or a patch for the HP monitoring software 'JetSuite' to correct or eliminate the conflict


stop loading JetSuite at Windows startup:
- select Start, All Programs, Startup
- with the right mouse button click 'HP JetSuite' and select Delete
- Confirm File Delete with OK.


  • Radar 9

Operating system

  • Any operating system

Entry from: 17.11.2006
This entry is located in category: Clipboard, Search

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