Internal error (CK-21:Getting authorization)

Internal error (CK-21:Getting authorization)




The CK-21 error can be caused by

  • a change of the computer date (the date was set forwards)
  • a spy-ware, ad-ware or any other mal-ware program

Occuring when

when starting Radar-/EH-Demo,  EasyRep, Acuvision, Triggervision


 Do not alter the computer date. Our copy protection system does not allow the date to be set backwards or forwards. Download and run a spy remover program like Ad-Aware to remove all spy-ware from your system. After cleaning and rebooting the computer try again tostart your Archibel software 


  • All programs

Operating System

  • All Windows OP

Entry from: 01.12.2006
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