How can I activate my demo version?

How can I activate my demo version?


When clicking on the icon of the demo program you have just installed, you see a screen giving an activation code and asking for an activation key. The activation code is made of 28 characters.

There are two different ways for sending this code:

  1. your computer is connected to the Internet, simply click on the corresponding link shown on the starting page of the program, fill in the fields and send an e-mail to Archibel. You must send this code maximum three days after having started the program. You will receive the activation key per e-mail a few minutes later. Take good care of the fact that, again, this activation key won't be valid anymore after three days.
  2. your computer is not connected to the Internet, click on "view registration form", print it, fill it in and fax it to Archibel S.A. 0032 (0)83 65 62 82. We will then fax the activation key. Please bear in mind you have three days only to send the code once the program started and the activation key we sent you is valid three days only (avoid sending activation codes on Fridays!).

If, when entering the activation key, you receive the message "the activation key is not valid", please make sure that:

  • You typed the number 0 (zero) and not the letter O (no letters above F in the activation code or activation key)
  • You typed in correctly all the numbers and letters of the activation key
  • The date on your computer is configured correctly
  • The three days’ period is not over

If you encounter any technical problems when starting or using the program, please contact the hotline!you didn't mistake the number 0 with the letter O (which are never contained in the activation keys)

Entry from: 12.12.2006
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