I cannot start WinChip Pro/Medium since I have updated

I have just updated my Radar program and can no longer find WinChip


This happens when you have updated your Radar/EH programs to Radar 10, but still have version 2.8 of WinChip and you are installing your update on a new computer. The installation program does not install a new version of WinChip, it only creates an icon on the desk top and a blank folder C:\Radar\WinChip.

Note: the current version of WinChip is 3.1


Please note that WinChip 2.5 is not compatible with Radar 10 and must therefore be updated at the same time as Radar and EH.

Please note that WinChip 2.5 and 2.8 are not Vista compatible

Solution for WinChip 2.8

Copy the folders \Radar\WinChip (including all sub folders and files) in the old installation of Radar on your old computer and paste the copy on the new computer.  Next install the update. 

In this way you will retain access to the old version of WinChip.

Alternatively you can order an update for WinChip Medium or Pro from your national distributor.  The current version of WinChip is 3.1

Please note that this does not affect users of WinChip starting which is always updated to the latest version with Radar.


Entry from: 27.02.2008
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