How can I see the list of additions I made?

This is how you can display the list of additions you have made in Synthesis:

  1. Close Radar
  2. Click on Start, Archibel software, Repertory Utilities
  3. Open the repertory in which you have made your additions, for example: Schroyens Synthesis Treasure Edition (SE92-308)
  4. Click on OK
  5. In the Repertory Utilities menu, click on List and then Complete list of the log file
  6. The Select Log file window opens where you can browse to open your log file.  If you have chosen the Synthesis Treasure edition, your log file will be called SE92.dat
  7. Click on this file and it will open as a text file where you can read (and print) your additions

Entry from: 05.07.2010
This entry is located in category: Synthesis

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