CK-23 NGN file not found

After installing a demo version I get an error message: CK-23 ngn file not found.

This happens if the folder NTDriver is installed on another drive than where the active operating system is.


1. Identifying the system drive

If you have this error message identify the system drive first. Go to start - run and type CMD. This opens the command line. Type


and press ENTER to get the list of all environment variables. Look for the line where it sais Systemdrive=. Behind the = you will see the system drive. Let's say it is E: instead of C:

2. Uninstalling the driver

In the command line window type

setup_ck /uninstall

and press ENTER to uninstall the previous license driver installation first.

3. Installing the driver on the system drive

Then open your Windows Explorer (my computer/computer) and navigate first to the drive where you find the folder NTDriver. Copy the complete folder NTDriver to E:\ (whereby E: is to be replaced by the system drive letter if not E:) so that it becomes E:\NTDriver.

Go to E:\NTDriver and execute the file setupex.exe to reinstall the license drivers. You will see that some files are created but disappear directly. The main point is to execute it in the folder NTDriver on the system drive.

Try and start the demo again. The message CK-23 should disappear.

Entry from: 26.11.2010
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