Installing RADAR 10 on a netbook

My netbook does not have a DVD drive. How can I install RADAR on it?

A DVD drive is in the list of requirements to install RADAR and EH. The most simple way is to buy an external DVD drive to install any software that comes with DVDs.

However, if you are an advanced user you can bring it onto a netbook anyway if

  • successfully installed RADAR and EH on another Computer
  • you have an external hard disk

Note, that for EH you'll need at least version 2.5 or higher to work with a netbooks screen resolution.

Connect your external hard disk to the computer where you have RADAR and EH installed. Copy the following folders to the external harddisk:


To have the same desktop icons later on the netbook drag them from the desktop onto the external hard disk as well.

Connect the external hard disk to the netbook. Copy the folders RADAR and EH to the C: drive to become C:\RADAR and C:\EH on the netbook.

Drag the icons onto the desktop of the netbook.

Open the windows explorer and navigate to C:\EH. Execute the file autoreg.exe. If you have a 64 bits version of vista or windows 7, then follow these instructions: EH will not start under Vista or Windows 7 64 bits

In the windows explorer navigate to C:\RADAR\HASP, execute the file haspusersetup.exe and follow all instructions.

Connect your dongle and you should be ready to use RADAR and EH.


Entry from: 07.12.2010
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