can't open Patient Table for catalogue.... [H-519]

can't open Patient Table for catalogue.... [H-519]


The patient files are damaged

Occuring when

When opening the Radar Patient File


  1. close Radar
  2. start Windows Explorer
  3. open the folder RADAR then PATIENT
  4. delete the files PATIENT.ID3, PATIENT.ID4, PATIENT.ID5 and PATIENT.ID6
  5. open the folder RADAR\SYSTEM
  6. delete the file DIAG1.IDX
  7. Open the "Repertory Utilities" program (Start, Programs, Radar, Repertory Utilities)
  8. select the Synthesis repertory and click OK
  9. Select "Patient File" from the "Repair" menu
  10. When the message "Table (..\PATIENT\PATIENT) successfully rebuilt!" appears, click OK and quit the program
  11. Restart Radar


  • Radar

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

Entry from: 17.11.2006
This entry is located in category: Patient File

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