10 Provings in English

MASTER F. J. A classical proving of Bitis arietans (mtf37)

Boericke states "…should have a great sphere of usefulness in many conditions where excessive swelling is a leading feature." On this indication, to my surprise, one patient's pain, eczema and ulcer greatly improved. With this unique experience, I took the liberty of using this remedy empirically in cases of excessive venous swelling; e.g. Venous thrombosis, varicose veins, cellulitis, pyoderma, and furunculosis.

In the month of March 2003, I discussed with my colleague, Dr. Ameet Panchal, about my desire to prove the remedy. With his encouragement and support we started the proving; the present work is the fruit of our combined effort.

MORGAN J. A Meditative Proving of Hadrian's Wall (mgj1)

Proven by the staff of Helios homoeopathic pharmacy October 1998. The remedy was triturated by Margaret Chadwick in September 1998. The sample used was taken from a stretch of 'wall' composed of glacial till. The Helios staff would like to express their gratitude for her permission to work with this remedy and hope the following will add to any other symptom picture obtained.

MORGAN J. The Meditative Proving of Pearl Taken from the Common Mussel (mgj2)

This remedy proving was undertaken by Helios Pharmacy staff. It is a meditative proving conducted while making the remedy from substance to 30c. Sensations, dreams and symptoms experienced during and after the making and taking of the remedy are those recorded.

ROSENBAUM Paulo et al. Lapis Lazuli, a Proving (rsp1)

A pathogenesis developed by the Team of Escola Paulista de Homeopatia - São Paulo - Brazil with 10 provers. The double-blind method was adopted; the substance being revealed after the proving was over. The experimental protocol of Brosimum gaudichaudii (Congresso Nacional de Homeopatia, RS, 1998) was employed.

SHORE J. Investigations into the Psyche of the Spider (sej10)

A dream proving with 100 provers.

The provings were conducted in seminar settings in Finland, Germany and Australia. In Finland and Germany, Latrodectus mactans was used. The potency used was 30c. In Australia a preparation of Atrax robustus 30c was given.

Bites from both of these spiders, especially the latter, have been known to cause death. The nature of the remedy was unknown to the provers. Participants were instructed to take a single dose of the remedy on going to bed at night and to keep a book and pen at their bedside to record dreams or any other unusual experiences.

SNOWDON J. The Classical Homeopathic Proving of Heroin (sdj2)

Heroin is a powerful analgesic and narcotic. It is a diacetyl derivative of morphine which is the most important alkaloid in opium.
I decided to conduct a proving of heroin partly because it seemed there should be a place for it in the Materia Medica given its prevalence in our society. Over the years I have observed the lives of several heroin addicts and watched a child grow up whose parents were both users at the time of her conception. I was interested to see if their experiences were mirrored in the symptoms of the provers.

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