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Brunson M: 10.000 additions


This logfile contains about 10.000 operations with the additions created by Marc Brunson (Belgium) between 080319 and 120512.


Check after injection

In the symptom " CHEST - MILK - bloody" some new remedies appear with bsm as an author: carb-an, choc, lach and tub (only visible in "Full Synthesis" View or in "Brunson View", not in any other View such as "Full Synthesis, remedies not copied").


Can be injected into

These logfiles can only be injected into Synthesis, using Radar, not yet in RadarOpus.

  • The logfile "Brunson_10.000_SE92" can be injected into Synthesis Treasure Edition (SE92), English. It contains all operations.
  • The logfile "Brunson_10.000_SFE92" can be injected into Synthesis Treasure Edition (SE92), French-English. It contains all operations, except those related to new symptoms (1.240 symptoms).  



These files are exe files. You can download them into a folder such as "radar/udpdate". In case you receive a warning when you download, them, you need to accept them. When you open the file, it will install the additions by itself.

Entry from: 12.09.2012
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