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RadarOpus 1.41 DVD download

This version can be downloaded if your computer does not have a DVD drive

Please note that the files are very large (4.5 Gb) and may take a while to download, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Mac - Windows 8/Windows 10: download the RadarOpus_1.41.iso file

Once the iso file has been downloaded, double click to open then double click on the installer file.

Special Note for Mac Users

Files downloaded from the Internet are frequently blocked by the Mac operating systems. If this happens, click on the Apple  -> System Preferences -> Personal -> Security & Privacy -> General and allow the file to open.

Windows 7:  download the file

Once the zip file is downloaded, right click on it and extract to create a folder of the same name as the zip file.
Then open the folder and double click the Windows installer file.

Entry from: 18.11.2015
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