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Deutsch Seideneder 28.07.2010

Seideneder with optimized search index

We have optimized once more the search index for the EH database of Seideneder.


Close EH. Open the windows explorer ((my) computer) and go to C:\EH\DATA. If present rename the file called Deutsch_Seidenender.nfo (wrong spelling) to Deutsch_Seidenender.nfo.bak and Deutsch_Seideneder.nfo to Deutsch_Seideneder.nfo.bak. These files might be write protected. In that case confirm to rename.

Download the following zipped file

and extract the content to C:\EH\DATA.

After installing in EH you will need to go to the file menue, then open and then choose the file called Deutsch_Seideneder.nfo.

Note: This will only open if you already have access to it. Contact your local reseller if you want to have access to the database of Seideneder.

Entry from: 16.07.2010
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