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Multimedia WebUpdate Radar 50 Remedies

This Radar WebUpdate comes with 50 Multimedia pictures of remedies.

Update information

Here are some of the most interesting remedies included:

Agathis australis, borax venata, crotalus cascavella, falcon peregrinus disciplinatus, kalium bichromicum, paris quadrifolia, raphanus sativus, rheum palmatum, spongia tosta, veratrum viride, etc

After you will have installed this WebUpdate, you can double click on the updated remedies in any rubric in any repertory and look at their picture. Download the complete list of updated remedies.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Radar 9.0 (To check your current version of Radar, start Radar and select "Help - About ...".)

Installation instructions

  • Download this update file to the folder C:\radar
  • Close all running applications, including Radar
  • With Explorer, go to the folder C:\radar and double click the file "RadarMultimediaInstaller 50 Remedies.exe"
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • You can start Radar as before

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS


Multimedia_50_remedies.pdf1.5 M
RadarMultimediaInstaller_50_remedies.exe13.0 M

Entry from: 18.01.2007
This entry is located in category: Radar Webupdates

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