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Radar 8.3R (Russian version) patch file

Radar 8.3R (Russian version) patch file

Update information

This update solves the error message "RADAR8 caused a general protection fault in module XWMBA510.DLL" when opening the Quick Command or Extended Search window.

Minimum requirements

  • This patch applies to Radar 8.3R only

Installation instructions

  • Download this update file to the folder C:\RADAR
  • Close all running applications, including Radar
  • With Windows Explorer, open the folder C:\RADAR and double click the file "Radar83R_MSG.exe"
  • Click on "OK", Unzip" and "Close". This will automatically extract the files to the default folder C:\RADAR\SYSTEM. (NOTE: If you have installed Radar 8.3 on the drive D: (or X:) replace "C:\" by "D:\" (or "X:\") before you click on "Unzip")
  • Start Radar 8.3R as usual

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

Radar83R_MSG.exe646 K

Entry from: 18.01.2007
This entry is located in category: Radar Webupdates

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