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Patch file for Murphy Repertory 1.1

Patch file for Murphy Repertory 1.1

Update information

When extracting remedies from Murphy Repertory V1.1 the result of the Comparative Extraction is not complete.
For example if you extract "Sulph." in Murphy Repertory V1.1 the result gives 765 symptoms. After applying this patch the result gives 13157 symptoms.

Minimum requirements

  • Radar 8.0 or above
  • Access to Murphy Repertory V1.1

Installation instructions

  • Download the patch by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button and save the file "MUE110Patch.exe" into the folder C:\RADAR
  • Close all running applications, including RADAR
  • Start the Windows Explorer
  • Open the folder RADAR
  • Double click the file "MUE110Patch.exe"
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • Start Radar as usual

Operating system

  • Any Windows OS

MUE110Patch.exe2.6 M

Entry from: 18.01.2007
This entry is located in category: Radar Add-Ons

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