Descriptions of pain restructured

The structure of the repertory has been simplified, and related information has been brought together by moving the descriptions of pain to the last level.

Moving the descriptions of pain to the last level

In Kent's Repertory, as in Synthesis, the description of the pain is always written at level 3 of the symptom: "head - pain - stitching - occiput", "stomach - pain - cramping - noon", etc.
As a consequence, a lot of information is hidden in the subrubrics of these pain descriptions . Here is an example:

The rubric "eye - pain - menses - during" has 5 remedies in Synthesis 9.0.
If "menses - during" is a clear modality, it may be interesting to look at other symptoms, which have this modality as well, such as "eye - pain - sore - menses - during". In this symptom the remedy Zinc is present, which is not present in the main rubric "eye - pain - menses - during".

You would need to go and look at all descriptions of pain in the eye to check if there are other places where "menses - during" contains additional remedies. And, there are still five other remedies hidden in these symptoms:
- EYE - PAIN - burning - menses, during
- EYE - PAIN - pressing - menses, during

The total number of remedies with "pain in the eyes" and the modality "menses - during" therefore becomes 11 instead of 5. The only problem is that these remedies are scattered in four different places in the repertory.

In Synthesis 9.1, we have moved the description of pain to the last level of the symptom. These symptoms thus become:
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during- burning
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during- pressing
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during- sore

As a consequence, these similar symptoms, as well as the related remedies, are now at one place in the Repertory. These symptoms and their remedies were seldom looked at before. Now it has become very easy to consider this information if needed.

There is only one thing to remember in order to find the new location of certain symptoms in Synthesis 9.1. This applies only to pain symptoms that contain a "description of pain" (e.g. burning, cramping, tearing, etc.).
Move the description of pain to the last level and you have the symptom in Synthesis 9.1.

Some examples:

Symptom in Synthesis 9.0

Symptom in Synthesis 9.1

HEAD - PAIN - stitching - evening

HEAD - PAIN - evening - stitching

HEAD - PAIN - stitching - coughing, when

HEAD - PAIN - coughing, when - stitching

HEAD - PAIN - stitching - Forehead - extending to - Occiput

HEAD - PAIN - Forehead - extending to - Occiput – stitching

HEAD - PAIN - stitching - Temples

HEAD - PAIN - Temples - stitching