Description of pain-remedies copied to analogous superrubrics

In Synthesis 9.1, several descriptions of pain are now subrubrics of the same modality. Their remedies have been copied to the analogous superrubric, which can be used with or without these additional remedies.

As the descriptions of pain have been moved to the last level of the symptom, symptoms are sorted in a different way. In fact, symptoms expressing the same side, time, modality, extension or localization are now closer together.

Here is such a group of symptoms with the same modality 'menses - during":
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during- burning
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during- pressing
- EYE - PAIN - menses, during- sore

The main rubric contains 5 remedies in Synthesis 9.0. The subrubrics contain 6 additional remedies. These six remedies have been copied to " EYE - PAIN - menses, during".
As a result the rubric " EYE - PAIN - menses, during" has 11 remedies in Synthesis 9.1.

It is possible to view this rubric with or without the remedies originating from the description of pain rubrics. The "description of pain-remedies" are only shown in the Full Synthesis View. Switching to any other Repertory View will hide these additional remedies.

In the Full Synthesis view, the description of pain remedies in these superrubrics shows a down arrow as an author reference. If you click on this arrow you see the subrubric from which these remedies were taken.