More streamlining of symptoms

The restructuring of the symptoms in Synthesis 9.1 necessitates optimal streamlining of the symptoms. This has the advantage that much more information is more easily found.

Streamlining the symptoms of Synthesis 9.1

The modality "cold air agg." may be expressed in several ways at different places in the Repertory. For example, in Synthesis 9.0:
HEAD - PAIN - cutting - cold - air agg.
HEAD - PAIN - shooting - cold - air
HEAD - PAIN - tearing - air - cold; from

If we restructure this information, these rubrics become:
HEAD - PAIN - cold - air agg. - cutting
HEAD - PAIN - cold - air - shooting
HEAD - PAIN - air - cold; from - tearing
This would result in a cluttered pattern of rubrics with identical meanings, expressed in different ways. Therefore, we have streamlined the modality "cold air agg." throughout the Repertory into "cold - air - agg.".

In Synthesis 9.1 the above rubrics have become:
HEAD - PAIN - cold - air - agg. - cutting
HEAD - PAIN - cold - air - agg. - shooting
HEAD - PAIN - cold - air - agg. - tearing

This streamlining has been done for all modalities, localizations and, descriptions of pain. It was not necessary to do this for the sides nor for the times or extensions as there are fewer possibilities in these cases.
The Mind Chapter was not streamlined because there are too many exceptions to do this with an automated process. It will be done manually.
The Dreams Chapter was not streamlined because there are no sides, times, extensions, etc.
All other chapters have undergone this thorough cleanup.

It is true that some symptoms are not the same any more when you move the description of pain to the last level. The Synthesis 9.0 symptom:
"HEAD - PAIN - tearing - air - cold; from",, will not be:
"HEAD - PAIN - air - cold; from - tearing".
Because of the streamlining it will be: "HEAD - PAIN - cold - air - agg. - tearing" as explained above.

Most homeopaths have not been using the subrubrics of the descriptions of pain. Nevertheless, if you cannot find such a symptom that is known to you, it is because it has been streamlined.
As the modalities, localizations, and descriptions of pain are now consistently structured throughout the Repertory, it will not be long before you will be an expert in these streamlined modalities.