More coherent sorting of Synthesis

In harmony with the restructuring and the streamlining of symptoms, the sorting of symptoms in Synthesis 9.1 has been become more coherent and simplified.

Sorting symptoms in a more coherent and simplified way

Sorting all symptoms in alphabetical order may appear to be the ultimate simplification, yet it isn't. There is a homeopathically meaningful relationship between certain symptoms and it makes sense to have these on the same page, rather than scattered because of the alphabet. Here is the way that Synthesis 9.1 sorts symptoms according to this new perspective.

The sorting order on all levels is the same now.
The symptoms of sides have been kept together so you can easily compare the remedies affecting the left and the right side.
The symptoms expressing time have been kept together so you can easily compare the remedies with an aggravation at certain times of the day or night.
All extensions depend from the rubric "extending to" and are sorted alphabetically.
All localizations are sorted alphabetically.
The modalities and descriptions of pain are sorted alphabetically in one alphabet. You do not need to reflect any more whether "pain - rheumatic" would be a modality or a description of pain.

The sorting order of symptoms is therefore:
- sides
- times (in chronological order)
- modalities and descriptions of pain (one alphabet)
- extensions (all subrubrics of "extending to")
- localizations (alphabetical)

In other words:- levels 3 (as "wandering" in "1HEAD - 2Pain - 3wandering") and all subsequent levels are now sorted in this same way, there are no more exceptions.- level 2 (as "Pain" in "1HEAD - 2Pain - 3wandering") is also sorted in that same way. In earlier versions of Synthesis and in Kent's Repertory this level was an exception to Kent's own sorting rules. Yet you may have become accustomed to the location of certain rubrics. Therefore you will need to be aware that the same sorting order also applies to level 2 of the symptom.One example: rubrics expressing "localization" are at the end of the chapter:

  • "2Nails; complaints of" is at the end of chapter Extremities
  • "2Hair" is at the end of chapter Head

- The chapters (level 1) are still sorted the known way.

If there is a rubric you cannot find, you are very welcome to contact us or you can check the Synthesis 9 forum and post your question there if it has not been addressed yet.