New approach for printed version

Synthesis 9.1 will be printed in three parts because so much more information is being offered. However, the core repertory will remain one volume.

Synthesis 9.1 is printed in one volume (2,256 pages).
It contains all symptoms and remedies of the "Full Synthesis" Repertory View. The information is labeled so that its origin can easily be verified:

  • classical sources and renown authors are the main part of Synthesis 9.1
  • either more recent or lesser known authors are followed by a dot
  • more hypothetical information follows the first alphabetical series of remedies in a second alphabet. These more hypothetical remedies are placed between brackets at the end of the rubric.

There is a CD included with the Repertory which offers:

  • Textbook of Repertory Language, with, among others:
    • Information about the structure and language of the Repertory, e.g. explanations of more than 1.150 key symptoms
    • Searchable remedy and author catalogues
    • Extensive information about families, relationships of remedies and where to get new remedies.
  • Companion to Synthesis, which assists you in finding information in Synthesis more easily with, among others:
    • A listing of rubrics with similar meanings or themes, the concepts part of the CD increases the possibility of finding more interesting symptoms in Synthesis
    • A searchable word index (more than 5.000 words indexed)
  • video (RealMedia) where Frederik Schroyens discusses streamlining and restructuring of the Repertory with Will Taylor.