Synthesis 9.0 features

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Boger-Bönninghausen Repertories integrated
The major Repertory work of these pioneer homeopaths has been fully integrated into Synthesis. The new information has been documented in a very transparent way.
New Separate Repertories
A number of separate repertories, which can be used independently, accompany Synthesis 9. Most of this information has already been integrated into Synthesis as well.
Source information vastly increased
All Synthesis additions coming from the four b-bg repertories contain the original text of the source.
Remedies copied to analogous superrubrics
Remedies of subrubrics were copied to the analogous (similar) superrubrics in the Mind chapter.
Substantial new information
A lot of new information is presented, including classical sources and contemporary information.
Four New Concept Chapters
Concepts help you to more easily find symptoms in Synthesis. Four new concept chapters bring thousands of new concepts and a greater ability to find physical, mental, pediatric and Latent Psora symptoms.
An empty Personal chapter in Synthesis 9
The first chapter of Synthesis 9.0 is the new "Personal chapter". In this chapter you can add symptoms without using the structure of the repertory.
Released in two steps: version 9.0 and 9.1
Synthesis 9 will be released in two steps.
Synthesis 9.0 Profile
Here you can see the detailed lists about the amount of information contained in Synthesis 9.