New Separate Repertories

A number of separate repertories, which can be used independently, accompany Synthesis 9. Most of this information has already been integrated into Synthesis as well.

Why we offer Separate Repertories

So far the concept of Synthesis was to integrate all homeopathic knowledge into one Repertory structure. That goal has not really changed.
Nevertheless separate repertories are made available with version 9 for two reasons.

Which Separate Repertories are available?

Some other available Separate Repertories are: Boericke, Clarke, Phatak, Roberts and Ward. "Repertory Compilation 1.0" comes with 9 smaller Separate Repertories on specific topics.

Easy to use Separate Repertories

Radar 9 allows you to open different repertories at the same time (version 9.0.0090 up to 14 repertories). It is possible to search through different repertories at the same time and to take symptoms of different repertories into one repertorization.