Substantial new information

A lot of new information is presented, including classical sources and contemporary information.

New information in Synthesis 9.0

New clinical information from André Saine (Canada) has been added to Synthesis 9 (more than 3,200 additions).

The major new remedies in Synthesis 9.0 are: Argemone pleicantha (Todd Rowe, USA); Bitis arietans (Craig Wright, South Africa); Brosimum gaudichaude (Mateus Marim, Brazil), Chironex fleckeri - box jellyfish (Alastair Gray, Australia), Bungarus fasciatus (Master, India), Coca cola (Rajan Sankaran, India), Cypraea eglantina (Anne Schadde, Germany), Desoxyribonucleicum acidum - DNA (Phillip Robbins), Dioxinum (Philip Robbins, Australia), Ficus macrophylla (Alastair Gray, Australia), Gardenia jasminoides (Regina Vale, Brazil), Hippocampus kuda - seahorse (Susan Sonz et al., USA), Lapis lazuli (Anne Schadde, Germany), Lavendula angustifolia (Clayton Collyer and Jackie Davis, UK), Melaleuka alternifolia - tea tree (Alastair Gray, Australia), Musca domestica - house fly (Susan Sonz and Robert Stewart, USA), Neptunium muriaticum (Didier Lustig and Jacques Ray, France), Ozone (Anne Schadde, Germany), Pertussis vaccine (Prakash Vakil, India), Phascolarctos cinereus - Australian Koala secrettion (Philip Robbins, Australia), Pycnoporus sanguineus - a South-African fungus (Catherine Morris, South Africa), Saccharum album (Salvador Gamarra, Brazil) and Tempestas - storm (Mary English, UK).

Remedies described in Julian's "Materia Medica of the Nosodes (jl2)" have been integrated such as: Colibacillinum, Diphthero-tetano-typho-paratyphoidinum, Diphtherotoxinum, Eberthinum, Enterococcinum, Flavus, Gonotoxinum, Malaria nosode, Malandrinum, Morbillinum, Oscillococcinum, Osteo-arthriticum, Ourlianum, Parathyreoidinum, Pertussinum, Pneumococcinum, Serum anti colibacillinum, Streptococcinum, Toxoplasma gondii, Tuberculinum avis, Tuberculinum denys, Tuberculinum marmoreck, Tuberculinum residuum Koch, Vaccin atténué bilié, Vaccininum, Yersinium, etc.

The information on magnets introduced by Bönninghausen, but kept out of the Repertory by Kent, has been added again - Magnetis polus arcticus, Magnetis polus australis and Magnetis poli ambo.

There are also remedies whose information has increased substantially. of. 197 remedies contain more than 50% extra information as compared to Synthesis 8.1V. Most remedies are expanded on the basis of different author references.
The most important ones are: Adrenalinum, Aqua marina, Azadirachta indica, Bacillinum, Cassia sophera, Cina, Diosma lincaris, Gettysburg aqua, Heloderma, Manganum aceticum, Metylenum coeruleum, Natrium salicylicum, Ornithogalum umbellatum, Piper nigrum, Proteus, Rosmarinus officinalis (Bernard Long and P Cayrel), Strophantus sarmentosus (Stephenson), Strychninum phosphoricum, Sulfonalum, Ulmus campestris, Vanadium metallicum, Viola tricolor and Xanthium spinosum.

Information from classical authors has been increased, with the emphasis on Boger and Bönninghausen.

Synthesis 8.1V

Synthesis 9.0

Bönninghausen, b2



Bönninghausen, b4



Bönninghausen, b7



Boger, bg1



Boger, bg2



All the information from the Introduction and the Mind sectrions of all the remedies in Boericke's Materia Medica (br1) has been integrated (14,717 additions).

More than 10,600 additions have been made on the basis of the popular book "Clinical Observation of Children's Remedies" by Farokh Master.