What people said about the Alonissos 2004 Seminar

This seminar took place in Alonissos (Greece), on June 10-14, 2004. The topic was "The Language of the Patient".

  • Very good construction and very clear structure of the cases. To put the focus of the analysis on the idiosyncrasy was very enlightening and clearly contended. Thanks a lot!!!
  • I am moved by the refreshing, straightforward and affectionate way in which you have taught us very valuable knowledge. I'd love to come back. The poems and your personal dedication are a wonderful gift. Many thanks for your work!
  • After 3 years of school and many teachers and seminars, you reminded me that homeopathy and even difficult cases can be worked out in a simple way - but not always easily.
  • Frederik's teaching method is straightforward and not complicated. I loved every minute of the lectures.
  • Very competent lecturer.
  • What pleased me most was his openness to all questions and the way to address people in a personal way. Dr. F. Schroyens should go on giving seminars!
  • Precise analysis to find symptoms and solve the case; good focus on the essential theme of the analysis.
  • Always keep on searching until one finds the remedy; that is what I have learned!
  • "Overall satisfaction with the seminar" could be rated from 1 to 5, 5 being very good. One person did put a "6".