What people said about the Cape Town 2006 Seminar

This seminar took place in Cape Town (South Africa), on March 4-5, 2006. The topic was "The Language of the Patient".

  • So many thanks for giving us your valuable time and for bringing a new clarity on focusing on the important points instead of floundering the jungle of details. With your wide perception and knowledge and insight you are the eagle who swoops, singling out his prey. Thank you for your clear perspective in repertorising and your valuable views of remedies.
  • Very well structured and well presented. Practical and useful info. Approachable speaker.
  • Learnt a lot
  • Natural teacher, enjoyed his humility, good sense of humor, pace fine.
  • I found Frederik to be a wonderfully effective teacher. I found him well prepared, adaptable to the situations and very affirming.
  • It was really good to reexamine the basic listening and observation skills which we so often glanced over. The overall structure was good and the basic concepts put were easy to imitate into one's practice. Thank you
  • We all appreciated the knowledge you shared - it is already making a difference in my practice to help me to get a more complete story and better symptoms
  • A first class seminar, thanks
  • Really enjoyed the content and interaction.
  • Speaker, location, catering : 10/10