What people said about the Durban 2006 Seminar

This seminar took place in Durban (South Africa), on February 25-26, 2006. The topic was "The Language of the Patient".

  • I loved every minute of it. I felt very privileged and honored to have attended. My outlook on homeopathy has certainly expanded in just 2 days.
  • Truly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us. You have improved me on many levels and broadened my mind and perspective.
  • Seminar was extremely interesting. Think Frederik is an excellent teacher. Learnt a lot an enjoyed the experience.
  • It was a very interesting conference and it was a very good interactive seminar. He spoke at the level of the attendees. He is a very good speaker, humorous and interactive and his examples were relevant and easy to understand.
  • Excellent experience. Very knowledgeable exposure. More repertorizing exercises will be helpful.
    Madhu Malaaj
  • His humorous teaching manner will ensure that the knowledge gained is retained.
    Izel Botha
  • I liked his systematic, precise and thorough work. My standard of repertorising can only improve significantly as a result of the points learned.
  • Dr. Schroyens has given a very informative and interesting weekend with a insight into case-taking and repertorisation. Examples and cases to illustrate this points were very good as well as the interaction with the group.
  • The seminar was very informative and interesting. I found it very valuable.
  • My first, so cannot compare to many, but my experience was very enjoyable. The content was brilliant.
  • It was a very good conference, interesting topics and nice to go back to the fundamentals of homeopathy.
    Seminar was great. Speaker was very entertaining, knowledgeable and his presentation style will ensure that the knowledge gained will be retained.
  • The speaker was excellent, the topic definitely interesting and appreciable.
  • I truly enjoyed the seminar and find his insight into remedies amazing. Would like to hear more from him. Also find that tempo of work such that everyone could cope and benefit. Applaud him for overcoming physical circumstances and equipment and staying focused both days.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed seminar. Frederik is very easy to listen to and content was relevant. Enjoyed case studies.
    Seminar was really great. Well thought out and many important things were taught and consolidation of information was excellent. Case examples helped put perspective on everything
  • Very different style of teaching. Incorporate different things together (i.e. cases, advice etc.) Interactive session which kept you thinking. Well thought out and planned.
  • An excellent experience. The knowledge gained was far greater than my expectations. Will apply what I have learnt in order to improve what I already know. Much appreciated. The interactive lecture was a new experience but my attention was kept throughout.
  • A totally enjoyable experience, very pleased that I had the chance to be here. I have gained tools that will help me to become a better homeopath and ultimately understand my patients much more. The use of cases as examples is excellent because it brings a practical component and opens many doors that were once closed. Much appreciated.
  • I have gained a better understanding on how to repertorise a case. A wonderful and interesting experience. An excellent idea. I have learnt many other ways to repertorise a case. It was an honor to be thought by Dr. Schroyens.
  • I have learnt a lot of things during this seminar. I have a better understanding about how to approach our patient. How to look at a case from various angles. For me personally it was an enjoyable trip as well as an encouragement that there is not just one way of looking at the clues from our patient. It is a great honor to be thought by Dr. Schroyens.
  • Thought that the seminar was exceptionally good. A possible improvement would be the admission fees, particularly for students, so that more people could attend these very useful seminars.
  • The seminar was successful in improving our case-taking skills.
  • It has given us a great insight into the language of the patient by focusing on striking symptoms, that is so valuable in focusing on to find remedy. Also the concepts of observing and interpreting can surely aid us in improving our skills, in case-taking. A heartfelt thank you for sharing wisdom and concepts. May your teaching journey bring you back to South Africa.
  • I enjoyed Dr. Schroyens' method. It is challenging and insightful. There is a practicalness to it. It is simple but clear, looking for what is valuable and what is not valuable in a case. It was also a valuable seminar from the point of working better with repertory, repertorisation and the language. Thank you Frederik.
  • It has been a wonderful learning experience. It has clarified many things that I found unclear before. The interactive approach was great.
    Thank you for showing us how to listen to the homeopathic language and to see the striking and to focus on the core of the case. Being 5th year and going into clinic, I'm looking forward to exercising this technique to my patients' benefit.
    Thank you very much for coming out to speak to us. Your way of teaching is excellent because you really made us think. The way you approach case taking and analysis differs slightly from what we do which has been very useful for me. You helped to clarify a lot of things, especially to do with case-taking that I have been battling with.
  • A very good speaker, very open and amenable to different ways of communicating. Imparts facts and knowledge very well. Would like to spend more time to hear his lectures. Incredible depth of knowledge of the repertory was very valuable. This has been the most enjoyable seminar yet. A very down to earth and practical approach and definitely useful in our day to day tasks . Explains thing incredible well.
  • A very informative, interesting and educative seminar. Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from Frederik.
  • To Frederik: a most wonderful and enlightening experience. Thanks
  • Thank you. I learnt an enormous amount. Thanks for giving us your approach to cases, from start to end of repertorisation. Hope to see you again.