Die Dosierung - ein Problem? (The (Ir)relevance of dosage)

June 30 - July 2, 2006 (Stockdorf, Germany)

About the Topic

Dosage of homeopathic medication has two meanings. There is the amount of granules or liquid taken as for regular medicine. Secondly, the homeopathic remedies dosage also indicates the potency. Hahnemann has been experimenting with these parameters and so do all of his followers. A huge variety of opinions is the result.

Frederik has been reviewing the homeopathic literature on this topic and will comment on these opinions based on his personal experiences. Some questions which will be addressed:

  • Is it enough to have the correct remedy, or is a correct potency needed as well?
  • In one dose enough and is a repeated dose always too much?
  • Does it ever matter how many drops a patient takes?

All these topics will be explained throughout relevant cases.
Clearcut cases with follow up are our best guide to evaluate theories and that will be the approach of this seminar.
Also the (ir)relevance of the frequency of dosage will be addressed.
As a conclusion a number of rules will be suggested which seem to be universal and therefore not to be omitted.

Practical Information

Bauindustrie-Zentrum, Stockdorf (München), Germany

Date and time:
Friday, June 30 until Sunday, July 2, 2006

German spoken, no translation planned.

Organization and subscription:
Europäische Akademie für Klassische Homöopathie, Stockdorf, Germany