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How do I use keywords to search in EH?

How to use keywords to search in EH


When you search for a symptom, starting from the language of a patient, you should be aware of the following logic: searching in EH works best with a minimum of well chosen keywords.

A keyword is an important word which cannot be ignored when defining your search.

For example: your patient says "I have these terrible dreams of ghosts which keep returning several times a week. Sometimes it's very scary as the ghost is sitting on me and suffocates me."

It is not useful to write this phrase or even part of it in the search window.
It's better to define the keyword(s) and use these.

In the example above, the two most relevant keywords are "dream" and "ghosts". All other words are less essential.

For this example it would be best to type "dream ghosts" in the EH search window.

After this first search, you can expand or limit your next search by using additional or fewer keywords.

You can expand your search by only using the keyword "ghosts" to read all symptoms related to ghosts.

You can limit your search by adding the keyword "sit". You will find the relevant remedy for this more precisely described dream (go ahead and try it).

As a rule, it is better not to use general words such as "and, with, of, ..." to start.

Do not hesitate to experiment by adding or subtracting keywords to your first search string. Reading the search result numbers is the best way to become proficient in using the correct keywords.

Entry from: 13.11.2006
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