Search a Complete Homeopathic Library as Never Before

With Encyclopedia Homeopathica you can enter your patients' symptoms on multiple lines, and the program will automatically detect what to look for.  This eliminates the need for search commands and frees up time for study and research! EH is a significant advance in Materia Medica programs, because for the first time ever, information on pathologies, remedies, cases and families is encoded directly into the text. This encoding of information helps to avoid errors engendered by performing word-based searches.

For example, if you perform a search on fear in the family of snakes, EH's analysis results will only include snake remedies. This unprecedented breakthrough is possible through the meticulous encoding of information on cases, pathologies, family groupings, therapeutics, and authors. Through this technological advancement, the practitioner and student can, for the first time ever, quickly and easily access and make use of our entire homeopathic heritage.

Vastly Improved Search Capabilities

With Encyclopedia Homeopathica, practitioners and students can analyze in Materia Medica as is done in the Repertory. Family members can be identified and highlighted, and the analysis can be limited to a specific family grouping.  Because of EH's advanced encoding technology, the user can locate information that was previously unavailable through materia medica search programs. For example, every case of a particular remedy can be extracted from the homeopathic treasures of the past and present.

Lightning-Fast Search Engine

Type any given word to unlock this storehouse of homeopathic knowledge. EH gives you the information you seek in seconds. Encyclopedia Homeopathica lets you analyze your cases directly in materia medica! You can extract cases from hundreds of thousand of pages of homeopathic literature. Work with EH just as you do your physical books! Copy and paste text from EH to other documents. Discover a world of homeopathic knowledge and navigate through that world in less time than it takes to read this sentence.

The First Truly Comprehensive Library

Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH) comes with an enormous range of Materia Medica titles, starting with the great classic works of Hahnemann, Kent, Allen, Hering, Boenninghausen, Clarke, Farrington, Dunham, Lippe, Boericke and many others. Recent information such as current provings, the works of George Vithoulkas, Jan Scholten, Alphonse Geukens, Frans Vermeulen, Frederik Schroyens, Paul Herscu, Jeremy Sherr, Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick, Rajan Sankaran, Bill Gray, Jonathan Shore, Robin Murphy, Ananda Zaren, and Lou Klein have also been included.

We have also brought together the most extensive library of journals from the past and present. Many of these classic volumes from the golden age of homeopathy are available now for the first time ever. In addition, numerous books on Homeopathic Philosophy, including Hahnemann's Organon and Kent's Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy, are available. A vast array of never-before-published cases round out this comprehensive representation of our homeopathic literature.

Overall, you will have hundreds of thousands of pages of essential wisdom from the greatest homeopaths who have ever lived.

Scientific Searches

The database of EH is unique in its quality and precision. EH is the only program that has included all information from the texts in a coded format. For example, all prover indications in Allen's Encyclopedia or Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura are included. This allows the practitioner or student to check the exact origin of symptoms, which is essential for proper understanding of the original proving information. For instance, for several remedies in Allen's Encyclopedia, the symptoms listed are a mixture of several sub-species. This information is of vital importance to be able to make reliable prescriptions or additions to the repertory.

Other Advanced Features

EH provides the ability to quickly find the position of any remedy within the analysis. All search query and analysis results can be exported to other programs or printed. EH contains the entire contents of each book and journal, including proving information, footnotes, and references. With the remedy information presented in its original context with all comments and relevant information, the user can glean a deeper understanding from these homeopathic jewels.

  • The world's largest, most reliable and structured Multilingual Homeopathic Reference Library - currently 7 languages
  • More than 615 Volumes - A comprehensive library of classic and modern literature, including the work of George Vithoulkas, Jan Scholten, Alphonse Geukens, Frans Vermeulen, Frederik Schroyens, Paul Herscu, Jeremy Sherr, Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick, Rajan Sankaran, Bill Gray, Jonathan Shore, Robin Murphy, Ananda Zaren and Lou Klein
  • More than 200,000 pages of Homeopathic literature
  • Contains the complete contents of each book and journal - browse as if you were reading the original work
  • Quickly search for any word, combination of words or phrases.
  • Integration between Repertory and Materia Medica
  • Limit analysis to a particular Family grouping (not just word-based)
  • Repertorize directly in Materia Medica
  • New revolutionized graphic interface (choose between multiple interfaces)
  • Ability to search for remedies, cases, pathologies, therapeutics, journals and philosophy
  • Advanced Multimedia Capabilities
  • Offers the ability to limit repertorization to any selection of books
  • Extract multiple cases of a particular remedy from current and classical  literature
  • Work with EH as you do with your books: place bookmarks, add notes, or highlight certain passages
  • Free Tele-conference Training sessions to strengthen your working knowledge of EH

Peter Fraser - Homeopathic Practitioner - Bristol, England

"The new Encyclopaedia Homeopathica will make RADAR the most attractive of the homeopathic software programs by a clear head"

Frederik Schroyens M.D. - Author of the Synthesis Repertory

"Encyclopaedia Homeopathica is such an easy and intuitive program that it is hard to believe that it can perform such complex searches through thousands of pages in just seconds.

EH is the first program that allows for more complex or scientific questions and lets you specify any level of precision and detail you want.

It represents a milestone in Materia Medica search programs"

Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D.

"Clearly it is, at present, the finest, most advanced Homeopathic research and analysis program extant on Mother Earth."