Prof. Aaron To (Hong Kong): Chinese homeopathic software (Radarony)

About Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun

Prof. To  is probably the most renown homeopath in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. In 1994, he established the homeopathic centers “Living Homeopathy” who attracted more than 200.000 visitors so far.

He organizes homeopathic education in these same countries. His most recent
homeopathic conference has been attracting an attendance of more than 3.000 people. More


In collaboration with Archibel, Prof. To has created Radarony (a Chinese version of RadarOpus). It does include the first complete Chinese translation of Kent's Repertory.
The software Radarony is being used by hundreds of Prof. To's students. More


Contacting Prof. To

Prof. To can be contacted through mail or email to his Personal Assistant, Sandy Yiu.