Add ons

Add ons are Repertories, Materia Medicas or modules that can be added onto a RadarOpus package.

RadarOpus is available in three "engine" versions: Easy, Light and Pro, with an increasing number of functions and features.
RadarOpus engines can be combined with different sets of data (ranging from just a few books to thousands of books and modules), called packages. Depending upon language and country, three to six different packages are available.

RadarOpus has a flexible protection system, allowing individual users to add specific items onto those packages. The first level of that flexibility is offered with RadarOpus version 1.40 and later.


Add on bundles

As a first step, bundles of some hundred single items can be added onto your RadarOpus package. They have been selected on the basis of their popular demand. You can chose only one or several of these bundles.

The list of add ons is different in different languages. Click on a language in the left hand submenu to see the possibilities in that language.

Time-limited promotions may apply to add on bundles. Add ons can be purchased by RadarOpus users as well as by new RadarOpus users.
For the relevant offers in your country of residence, contact your local representative.