An Appreciation by Will Taylor, M.D.

Within a day of being introduced to Encyclopedia Homeopathica, I was reduced to the words of my 13-year-old son - 'totally awesome'. This is more than a mere Materia Medica search program. This is like moving a homoeopathic library into your computer.

Unlike its competitors, Encyclopedia Homeopathica provides easy access to the full text with all of its sources - the Preface to Lippe's textbook. The Preamble to Hahnemann's MM Pura. The provers' and authors' references in TF Allen's Encyclopedia.

Searches are fast and robust; displays are wonderfully flexible. Every reference to the remedy Mitchella repens in the historical texts of homoeopathy takes less than two seconds. There's Duncan's proving in Hughes. There's the discussion of Eclectic use in Hale. Every reference to "neglected duty?" took less than one second. In less than four additional seconds, a multi-colored bar graph of remedies representing this theme is available. Click on the bar for Cyclamen, and within a fraction of a second, you can be reading about this symptom in Hahnemann's proving, and only moments later in Sankaran's Soul of Remedies.

With the full text of over 390 volumes from classical and current literature, this software represents a major breakthrough in materia medica search programs.

Will Taylor M.D.