Prof. Paolo Bellavite (Italy): Clinical Research with OmeoVerona

About Prof. Dr. Paolo Bellavite

Paolo Bellavite graduated at Trieste University (I) in 1976, specialized in Clinical and Laboratory Hematology. He  holds a MPhil in Biotechnology (Cranfield University, UK) and a Perfectionation Degree in Health Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology.  

He is also teaching a course in “Introduction to the knowledge of Complementary Medicines” at Verona University. He published over 250 scientific papers, 137 of which are indexed by PubMed-Medline and several books including “The Emerging Science of Homeopathy”. More

The OmeoVerona Pilot Project

A Clinical Research Protocol has been structured with the aim of conducting an observational study, collecting data deriving from the practice of a group of Italian homeopathic practitioners.
OmeoVerona uses a set of RadarOpus' functions and features to collect the data. More

Contact Paolo Bellavite

Contact details and a complete list of publications can be found on Prof. Bellavite's website.