Benefits of this integration

Up to this point, the divergence between the individualized repertories and the generalized repertories has been great. So great that each repertory had its fans and its opponents.Some examples of individualized repertories: Kent, Barthel, Künzli, Synthesis. Some examples of generalized repertories: Therapeutic Pocket Book, Boger's Bönninghausen Repertory, Phatak.

These repertories express different philosophies in handling homeopathic information. More precisely, the Therapeutic Pocket Book leads to a type of analysis and repertorization, which is quite different from the Kentian approach.

With Synthesis 9 these two approaches are now available in one volume. This means that homeopaths using either method will find all the information they need in Synthesis 9. The Kentian homeopath can see the generalized information and the Bönninghausen follower can use the specific Kentian information.

This quick access to both methods and both types of information will impact the way you view the totality of your patient’s symptoms. This will add flexibility and freedom of choice to your prescriptions.

When a patient presents with a symptom, we should always evaluate how specific or how general the symptom is. If the patient says that his headache is better from eructations, it is useful to investigate whether eructations cause other improvements. Eructations may also improve his backache, his palpitations, etc. In this case it is a general symptom.

If another patient says that his stomachache improves from drinking warm milk, it is useful to investigate whether other warm drinks cause the same improvement. If not, then "warm milk amel." is a very specific symptom that should be considered for this patient's stomach.

With Synthesis 9, you will be able, more than ever, to set the gauge from most general to most specific, and to select the symptom which truly corresponds to your patient. The suggested remedies will lead to the curative remedy with more precision than ever.

In addition, when a certain specific symptom does not exist (e.g. "HEAD - PAIN - obstruction of nose agg."), it will be easy to move up one level, to a more general symptom and find some remedies there ("HEAD - OBSTRUCTION of nose agg.").