RadarOpus at German Universities

Since its inception, one major goal of the Carstens Foundation has been the integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the research and education of regular medical institutions.

That commitment is nicely illustrated by this well known quote of Veronica Carstens: "Der Arzt der Zukunft soll zwei Sprachen sprechen - die der Schulmedizin und die der Naturheilkunde und Homöopathie. Er soll im Einzelfall entscheiden können, welche Methode die besten Heilungschancen für den Patienten bietet."
[The doctor of the future should speak two languages: conventional medicine and naturopathy/ homeopathy. He should be able to decide case by case which method provides the best chance of cure for the patient.]

Most recently, the Carstens Foundation has set up a project to make homeopathic software available in ten different medical work groups of universities throughout Germany. This will allow medical students to read and research the homeopathic literature as they have access to many old and recent books in the included software library.

It will also allow them to understand how the homeopathic practice works by starting to use the professional tool of the homeopath: RadarOpus. For this project, the Carstens Foundation has indeed chosen RadarOpus.