Case Analysis by Remedy Family

Consider the family to help find the remedy

A prescription of Lachesis has failed, but examination of the case seems nonetheless to indicate it. With this method you are able to limit your search to snake remedies only. You can give every medicine belonging to a particular family greater weight in your analysis or exclude all remedies that do not belong to a particular family. Families will also provide information about which families come up strongest in the analysis.

RADAR offers you different possibilities for approaching remedy families:

  1. You can analyze your case and display the position of the preset families. As a default, RADAR uses the 3 kingdoms (plants, minerals, and animals) for this display. You can set your own default or just change the families considered for a particular analysis. There are over 3000 families to choose from.  
  2. You can perform an analysis with a specific family (or group of families). For example, you can analyze considering only mineral remedies.  
  3. Finally, you can give a family (or group of families) more importance in an analysis.