Two new cllinical files

Link with KENBO

Radar 10 offers a link with KENBO, a symptom management program by Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain (India).

KENBO guides the user through a sequence of steps, reflecting the interrogation, such as questions about headaches, generals, vaccination history, etc. Each time the user selects an item, the related repertory rubrics are listed and the relevant ones can be selected.

At the end of this process, KENBO offers suggestions for prescription. This may include miasmatic prescribing, or advice for the second prescription.

To start the program is based on the repertories of Kent and Bönninghausen, which explains the name (Ken- Bo). More information can be found on the KENBO website.

Please visit the Kenbo module page for more information.

Link with HomeoPlus

Radar 10 links to HomeoPlus, a homeopathic practice management software, created in Toronto (Canada). It includes, amnog others:

  • possibility to add patiet information, with appointment scheduling
  • a remedies manager, with stock and providers
  • a case taking part with questionnaire
  • an audio recording of the case can be added to the case notes
  • an accountancy part with tax portion and due payments

You can find more information at the HomeoPlus website.