Concepts Finder

The Concepts Finder is an aid to find and use less known repertory symptoms related to well known concepts. The avaialble concepts are: women, children, old people, mental health, first aid, acute diseases, symptoms sorted according to Morrison's DeskTop Guide, mind symptoms (Dragos), veterinary health, etc. It is great new tool to translate your patient's language into repertory rubrics.

The use of the Concepts Finder starts from a central screen which gives easy access to a series of concepts. You can open that screen through the menu ("View - Concepts finder").

Each image on this screen stands for a different concept,  a collection of related symptoms. When you move your mouse over such an image, an explanation is given. If then you click on an image, a wizard opens to help you select the symptoms of this concept.

Searching and using symptoms

There are 2 ways to search for symptoms related to the concept of your choice: either by themes, or by searching concepts which contain certain words. The symptoms you select are listed in the wizard. In the next step you can, among others, also add symptoms from any place of the repertory ("Additional symptoms").

At the end, all symptoms you took from different places, are summarized in one list. When you analyze them, you obtain a regular repertorization.

As you go on adding symptoms, the repertorization result is updated instantaneously at the left lower side of the wizard screen.

There are now 17 concept chapters in Synthesis 9.2 (including 5 new chapters). They include 10.268 concepts (among others 6.146 new concepts).