Core Synthesis 2016

The Core Synthesis 2016 is a Kentian repertory, based on the Synthesis Treasure Edition. It is a trimmed down version to accommodate the needs of those desiring a repertory with core information, such as the student community.
Here are the features of the Core Synthesis.

149 essential remedies

Core Synthesis  only contains information on 149 carefully selected remedies. The remedies have been chosen from the list of remedies with the highest occurrence in the repertory. An initial list of 250 remedies has been trimmed again and again to correspond as closely as possible to the remedies in the curriculum of educational institutes and to the needs of daily practice.

Essential authors

From the long list of authors and sources used the Treasure Edition, only the most essential authors have been chosen. Veterinary authors have not been included.
Remedies were not automatically copied to superrubrics, meaning that a remedy only appears in a rubric if an essential author has added it there.
This choice increases the relevance of the remedies in each rubric.

Essential symptoms retained

In order to retain a core of essential symptoms only, too detailed symptoms were removed. Symptoms with more than 7 levels have been removed automatically. To be clear "Mind - Fear - dogs" are 3 levels.
For most symptoms, 7 levels allow sufficient detail, as can be seen in symptoms as:

  • HEAD - PAIN - walking - air; in open - amel. = 5 levels
  • BACK - PAIN - Dorsal region - Scapulae - Below - right = 6 levels
  • EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Lower limbs - Sciatic nerve - bending - leg - amel. = 7 levels


  Full Synthesis Essential Core 2016
Number of remedies described 2.375 1.990 149
Author references 905 583 636
Veterinary information Included Printed separately Not included
b-bg only rubrics Included Not included Included
Remedies copied to superrubrics Copied Copied Not copied
Kent's Treasure Included Included Included
Global size comparison 100 % 75 % 50 %