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Solve USB2 Error: 26. April 2012

If when starting the virtual machine graphically, you get the an error about "USB2"  Screenshot

In VirtualBox, click on the "USB" tab


Untick the box "Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI)...[more]


Radar Settings Quick Tour: 01. April 2010

An explanation on how to check your settings after installing Radar

Click here to download[more]


EH Quick Tour Manual: 01. April 2010

A basic guide to using EH

Click here to download[more]


Error opening Synthesis in the Luc De Schepper Module: 14. January 2010

The Luc De Schepper module wants to open Synthesis 9.2 but you do not have access to this repertory, you have Synthesis 2009.

To correct this error:

Close Radar

Open the Windows explorer

Navigate to  Radar\Wizards\Dr Luc...[more]


Access Violation when starting EasyKent: 30. April 2007

Error Message reads Access Violation[more]


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