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Kristiina Zaeske, Finland (E-mail received on March 1, 2006)

From: Quotes Radar Earlier Versions

Thank you for an interesting and efficient Radar-education in Helsinki, Finland! I have been using Radar happily for years -and have been begging for some kind of user education all that time. Even when Radar is eary to use,...[more]

Misha Norland, UK (Principal School of Homoeopathy Devon) (Email received on March 03, 2005)

From: Quotes Radar Earlier Versions

I have been using Radar for about a year now and I am really delighted with it. It makes repertorisation a joy and a tool for discovery about rubrics and synonyms. It is full of useful corners and twists that one discovers just...[more]

Gabriela Rieberer RLHH, UK (Email received on November, 2001)

From: Quotes Radar Earlier Versions

I would not want be without this easily accessible, rapid and comprehensive program in my practice. Simply with the move of a finger remedy keynotes, author references, remedy extractions are accessed. Moving from one chapter to...[more]

Marion Hohmann, Germany (July, 2004)

From: Quotes Radar Earlier Versions

Translation:"The integration of RADAR and EH enables a quick analysis through the analysis key of the Radar program. The result can be displayed graphically and I can find out, which remedy is represented frequently and where a...[more]

Christian Taylor, UK (Email received on April 22, 2003)

From: Quotes Radar Earlier Versions

The new export function from Radar to EH has already given me some leads on two stuck cases, excellent![more]


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