ECH 25 years Anniversary book

The ECH (European Committee for Homeopathy) unites medical homeopathic associations from all European countries for more than 25 years now. At that occasion, a gorgeous anniversary book has been published, highlighting the realizations of the ECH and its members.

The book narrates some of the history of the ECH, but also explains the major realizations of the different subcommittees. The Table of Contents give you an impression of what you can expect.

One chapter summarizes how the repertory, after a century of conceptual lethargy, has been computerized and rejuvenated to play an essential role in our daily practices. The enumeration of achievements by different ECH members, among others Frederik Schroyens, editor of Synthesis, are as original as impressive.

More information can be found on the ECH website.

How to order the book

The book can be ordered by sending a mail to the ECH secretary.
The price is €25 (€20 if more than 10 copies are ordered).