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Imagine stepping into a huge Homeopathic Library, and being able to find any symptom, or get an answer to any question you have in seconds. With the birth of Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH), the promise of homeopathic materia medica software programs has been realized.

Homeopaths around the world were stunned with the first release. "This is the Materia Medica program we've been waiting for" has been the overwhelming response. This review from the British Homoeopathic Journal is one example.

With dazzling speed, EH searches through hundreds of thousands of pages of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Journals, Homeopathic Philosophy and cured Cases. Its easy, powerful search engine lets you work with an entire Homeopathic Library, many shelves full of books, as if you were a long time experienced Homeopath.

EH reduces the time you need to search in books to a minimum and increases your success to a maximum.

Current owners of RADAR, please note that this is not an upgrade for ExLibris. Encyclopedia Homeopathica is a completely new program and can operate independently of RADAR Homeopathic Software. EH is a second-generation Materia Medica program, which has evolved far beyond the capabilities of ExLibris, our previous Materia Medica program. A comparative table will clarify this for all those who have been using ExLibris.

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Will Taylor, M.D. - Homeopathic Instructor & Practitioner

"Within a day of being introduced to Encyclopedia Homeopathica, I was reduced to the words of my 13-year-old son - 'totally awesome'."

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